Chimera – A James Turner Thriller

A suspenseful and gripping spy thriller.

James Turner is the top agent at the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), a black ops organization that operates outside of the law. He’s the man who can take care of anything or anyone at any time. Turner is the perfect assassin and spy.

His next mission is to retrieve a flash drive containing Chimera from a Chinese scientist before it leaves the country and threatens world peace. What began as a straightforward mission quickly became the most challenging and deadly of his career.

Turner trusts the wrong man and nearly pays for it with his life. Agent Holloway, a counterintelligence expert, sharpshooter, and skilled wheelman, helps him to escape and hunt down the traitor.

Although Turner normally executes his assignments flawlessly and without question, the mystery of Chimera and the dangers involved instigate a new level of play, murder, and deception he had never encountered in his career; forcing him to take a second look, dig deeper, and question who the traitors really are.